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Classical music is beloved by many, and can deeply affect our thoughts and transform feelings. Hearing music in live performance is the ultimate mode for its keenest  appreciation.

 “FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC” is a series of performance seminars that examines this potency of musical expression. In a kind of ‘master-class for listeners’, musicians play fine musical works, elaborating on their own responses. By directly sharing musicality with the audience, utilizing on-the-spot, live playing, profound insights as to what is communicating through sound may be uncovered.

The sessions thus become a living re-discovery of musical ideas, and a deeper "listening" experience. Those attending are encouraged to ask questions and express their individual thoughts, with the higher goal of grasping the universality of music as well as its intimate nature.

Description: Fine Art

"We cannot see the musical idea which gave birth to a composition, but our talent and imagination, coupled with constant work, will help reveal it to us individually, for the understanding of everyone."
(Pablo Casals)

A colorful array of topics and themes based on composers, styles, special works, and music history, forms the framework for developing greater understanding of music. Live performance is consistently an integral part of this seminar experience.

Sessions are held mid-monthly on Sunday afternoons. A short refreshment break is included.

Ivy Hall (held in the Ballroom)
International institute for Culture
6331 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19151

$25/general admission

For more information about FAMC and all its events:
or call Rollin Wilber at 215-803-9725

Latin Lives at Ivy Hall
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The IIC offers Latin classes throughout the year in the evening on Wednesdays, as well as full-time summer intensive courses. For more information, click here to contact the Institute.

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