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March 31, 2023    7:30 PM       
Christian of Habsburg-Lorraine, Archduke of Austria has embarked on a personal mission to use the life experiences God blessed him with to reach others through messages of Faith, family, history, and the responsibility of leadership. His message inspires and motivates all who hear it, challenging them to rethink what it means to love, lead, and engage with our families and communities in all aspects of our lives. 
He is a grandson to the last standing reigning Emperor and King of Austria-Hungary, Blessed Karl, and of Empress and Queen Zita, born Princess of Bourbon-Parma. His grandparents set the benchmark for him as a role model in many ways. Blessed Karl showed what it means to be a man of God, a family steward, and an excellent and courageous leader of the countries of the Empire in the most difficult times. His spouse was an exemplary wife, mother and Christian educator and showed great courage and dignity during a long life marked by trials. They both tried, in all their decisions, to identify God's Will and follow it. 
The Archduke is a prominent member of one of the oldest dynasties of Europe, the Hapsburgs known for preserving Western culture and Christian civilization for centuries through their investment in political governance, education, arts, music, academics, and law. They are a family that truly 'walks the walk' and has stopped at nothing to ensure it. 
His messages are not only interesting and motivating, but relatable to anyone. As Archduke Christian puts it, "When you have received a lot in terms of inspiring examples and deep values, you must share these with others." A gifted and eloquent speaker, the Archduke offers an engaging combination of history and concrete suggestions for the future. Audiences in many countries around the world have been captivated. 
Invite Colleagues, Friends & Family 
This exclusive event will take you on a journey through the life and times of Blessed Emperor Karl, shedding light on his extraordinary life. Archduke Christian will share personal anecdotes, historical insights, and his unique perspective as a member of the Habsburg-Lorraine family.  
Ivy Hall  
6331 Lancaster Ave  
Philadelphia, PA
This event made possible through a collaboration with The Neumann Forum.

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