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The International Institute for Culture
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The IIC's Schola Nova Concert
in Honor of St. Caecila

Event: "Music, Marriage and Martyrdom" The IIC's Schola Nova Concert in Honor of St. Caecila
Date: Friday, November 22, 2002 at 8:00pm, followed by reception
Location: Ivy Hall at 6331 Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19151
Cost: $10/person, $15/couple, free for students and religious
One of the great heroes of the age of persecution, St. Caecilia is one of the elite few mentioned in the Church's greatest prayer, the Roman Canon. This testifies to the antiquity of her cult and to the great esteem in which Holy Church held this Virgin Martyr. Her feast has been maintained on the 22nd of November since the Fourth Century, by both the Latin and Greek churches. Since the Middle Ages, Caecilia has been closely associated with sacred music, and when the Academy of Music was founded at Rome in 1584, she was pronounced its patroness. This musical association comes directly from the fifth-century account of her martyrdom, The Acts of the Martyrdom of St. Caecilia, which tell that as the musicians played during her wedding to the pagan Valerianus, Caecilia sang to God alone in her heart ("cantantibus organis illa in corde suo solo domino decantabat"). Although the medieval interpretation that Cecilia played the organ herself is without historical basis, the sentiment that Caecilia consecrated herself to God through music will forever bind her with the crown of the sacred arts.
The Schola Nova of the International Institute for Culture will present a concert entitled "Music, Marriage and Martyrdom" in honor of St. Caecilia's ancient Feast. Music will include works by Monteverdi, Palestrina, and Purcell. Please join us for an evening of Music in praise of one of Christendom's greatest heroines.
Cantate Domino -Johann Staden
Cantantibus in organis -Oreste Ravenello
Est Secretum -Oreste Ravenello
We sing to Him -Henry Purcell
I Will Sing unto the Lord -Henry Purcell
Laudate Caeciliam -Henry Purcell
Super Flumina Babylonis -G. Pierluigi da Palestrina
In Hora Ultima -Orlando di Lasso
Cantate Domino -Claudio Monteverdi

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