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February 8, 2018    7:00 PM       
Finding Love in Exactly the Right Place:  
The Realization of God’s Goodness in Augustine’s Confessions
The next presentation in an on-going monthly series on the Great Books and the Catholic Liberal Arts.  
What does it mean to be loved? "Finding Love in Exactly the Right Place" considers Saint Augustine’s Confessions as an extended love song to the Divine Reality. Considering not only passages from its  
narrative books but also the books on time, memory, and the book of Genesis, this presention shows how all parts of the text express Augustine’s understanding that a human being is a creature who exists in a radical dependency upon his fellow creatures and upon his Creator. In the Confessions we find the influence of Greek and Roman thought and its transformation by Christian revelation. The Confessionsteaches us about the world of late antiquity while at the same time it offers very important lessons for our own day and age.  
The speaker: Stephen C. Córdova is the Latin instructor at Martin Saints Classical High School. With over twenty years of teaching in the Liberal Arts, he brings a lively speaking style and passion for ancient texts.  
Light refreshments will be served after the talk.  
Suggested donation: $10. 
Dates and texts for future talks  
8th March Dante’s Divine Comedy: Inferno 
12th April Dante’s Divine Comedy: Purgatorio 
17th May Dante’s Divine Comedy: Paradiso 

Individual: $10/each

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