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September 30, 1995    7:00 PM       
This course will be an on-going review and application of Latin grammar and syntax using Latin literature from various sources and periods, ancient to modern, following the interests of participants. Our primary purpose at the Readings level is to use the Latin we have acquired to read original Latin works. Past selections have included Roman poetry, St Patrickís Confessio, and passages of the Vulgate Scriptures using a beautiful facsimile of the Book of Kells, which afforded the opportunity not only of reading Scripture in Latin, but of learning to decipher the beautiful manuscript text as well. We finished this past year by enjoyed working with Mozartís Requiem, translating the poetic text and appreciating his musical genius at the service of prayer. Each year we take the opportunity to read passages from the post-classical and medieval periods, using various sources such as Beesonís anthology of medieval literature. 
If you have a basic knowledge of Latin and want the opportunity to read text with assistance, and to engage in thoughtful discussion of the content with fellow Latin lovers, we would welcome your addition to our numbers. 
Instructor: Jeanne Haines, BA 

Latin Lives at Ivy Hall
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The IIC offers Latin classes throughout the year in the evening on Wednesdays, as well as full-time summer intensive courses. For more information, click here to contact the Institute.

Sunday, March 4
Music in Honor of San Gennaro: Early Modern Martyr, Miracle Worker, and Musical Protagonist

Thursday, March 8
Danteís Divine Comedy: Inferno

Saturday, March 24
Musical Fantasies - Two Pianists in Recital


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