International Institute for Culture

November 2, 2007    7:30 PM       
The White Rose: The moving account of the group of Catholic friends who were students at the University of Munich during the Second World War. They paid for their opposition to the Nazis with their lives. This lecture is presented on the feast of All Sou
Adult: $20/each
Student: $15/each

Latin Lives at Ivy Hall
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The IIC offers Latin classes throughout the year in the evening on Wednesdays, as well as full-time summer intensive courses. For more information, click here to contact the Institute.

Saturday, January 27
A Mighty Handful - Music of The Russian Five

Sunday, February 4
Pythagoras, Bach and Universal Harmony in the Great B-Minor Mass

Sunday, February 18
Monthly Meeting of the Southeast PA Chesterton Society: "The Outline of Sanity"


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