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Spanish 2015:
May 30 to July 11

Prepare for Ministry to the Spanish-speaking with the International Institute for Culture's (IIC) 6-Week Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Program. This program is ideal for Catholic religious and seminarians who intend to minister to the Spanish-speaking.

Growing Need
to Speak Spanish


About IIC:
The International Institute for Culture (IIC) is a non-profit educational and research center which seeks to promote international understanding through cultural means. Started in 1989 the IIC is engaged in international conferences, language and cultural programs, lectures series, educational seminars, art exhibits and musical performances. Read More...

Knighthood and Chivalry: Then and Now
June 13 to June 22, 2015

Knighthood certainly seems to be an institution whose time has passed.  The days of feudalism, liege-lords, fortified castles, and crusades may indeed be over.

Latin Lives at Ivy Hall
Summer Courses

The IIC is offering two intensive Latin courses this summer, Introductory and Intermediate. Please contact the instructor, Stephen Cordova, if you have questions about which level would best suit your needs.

Of War: Composing For Mankind
April 18, 2015    7:30 PM  

Composers are affected by and often find inspiration from wartime’s events, environment and sentiments, in ways both personal and nationalistic. 

The speakers at Ivy Hall do not necessarily reflect the views of the IIC and its staff. However, we do our utmost to ensure that speakers do not present positions contrary to Catholic teaching.

Friday, May 8
The Origins and Development of the Inquisition in the Middle Ages - Prof. Damian Smith

Saturday, June 13
In Concert With Nature


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